The Link to Delta Company Arms might not work anymore, but I'll keep it up on this page. Aaron helped me get Headspace dialed in for Brass sales. I think His Company was sold to a larger distributor to help get barrels out faster.

Aaron is a Veteran, and was wounded in Action serving with 82nd Airborne, and is an all around Great guy, I started my Military carrier in the 82nd, and a friendship with Aaron started right off. Aaron, My families prayers are with you that your back is getting better!!

Another great friend is Mike from MTE Tactical, Mike and I have ridden many dirt trails via street legal Dirt bikes all across the Western states. He is a great rider, and shooter. He has put together a fantastic, easy to use Portable target stand that can be found here.

I'll post up more pictures and Video after I use mine a few more times when the weather warms up. The stand is a well thought out piece of gear, solid bar for the legs and cross member, and you can't over insert legs, and the pins are easy to instal. Solid, no hollow tubing here, I wish all the stands I've bought over the years where build this well!!!!

Brad Selph at Selph Arms is rechambering 300 Whisper, 30-221, 300 Fireball barrels to the new 300 Blackout round. Send him your barrel, and it will come back a 300 AAC Blackout. Custom Uppers also available for the AR-15 platform