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Brass is in stock!! 300 Blackout and 6.5 Grendel case gauges are lower on this page.

Brass cases only, not loaded ammo. Current Brass Stock is WCC or Lake City(almost all LC 09 or LC11) with some FC, and WCC in the Mix, this brass is once fired, and not Misc. range brass. Cheaper converted brass is out there, but I'm not aiming to be the cheapest, but to offer great long lasting brass. This brass offers a cheaper alternative to new Remington Factory brass, and this brass you will not have to remove the primer crimp after firing like you will on the Remington brass(they have crimped in primers).

300 BLK Brass converted from LC or WCC 5.56 Brass. Brass is sized to fit loose chambers, Resize to fit your chamber and expanding the neck will be needed.

Converted 300BLK Brass

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Postage is added at Checkout. Boxes are mailed via US Postal Priority Mail flat rate Boxes, and INCLUDE Insurance.
100 and 250 cases are shipped in the Small Flat rate boxes, $6.80
500 cases will be shipped in 2 Small flat rate boxes $14
1000 to 2000 cases ship in a Medium Flat rate Box, $20 per box.

No Brass sales to City of Chicago, State of Massachusetts, or outside of the United States(due to ITAR restrictions)

Most brass is shipped within 5 Business days, please email me within a couple of weeks if USPS has any trouble with your Brass, I can not settle claims after 60 days with the Post Office. Brass return is available within 7 days of Receipt of Brass, after that, I can replace any Problem Brass you have.

Services: Do to high demand for 300 BLK brass, I have stopped converting others brass. Steve(from Wildcat Brass) can convert your Brass to 300 Blackout. Wildcat Brass email: Cost of conversion is 10 cents each, plus return shipping via US Postal Priority mail. Min. is 500 cases, Steve has fast turn around time, and is quick to respond to emails. Steve has offered his services since the end of April 2012.