300 Blackout Brass

Brass is in Stock and usually ships the same day!! 26 Nov. 2014.

300 BLK cut-out Sheridan Gauges are back in STOCK!!! 223, 308 and 6.8 Gauges are in too.

Brass is in STOCK!!Click on the Buy Brass tab above to buy converted 300 Blackout Brass.

Toolheads for the Dillon 550, and 650 are milled to work with the Dillon RT1200 trimmer(same trimmer as for the .223) to cut the short 300 Blackout case. The trim dies for the 300 Whisper/300 BLK are in short supply. Toolheads and trim dies can be ordered on the Trim die Page.

Case gauges for 300 AAC Blackout, .223, 6.8 SPC and 6.5 Grendel can be ordered on the Ammo Gauges page.

Magazine ID bands, these fit any mag, Plastic or metal $1,add to your cart on the Buy Brass page Magazine bands

Lake City Brass is formed, then trimmed to length

Brass is formed with Forster 300 ACC Blackout Dies. Once fired Lake City cases are used, primer crimp is removed, and cases are trimmed to 300 Blackout length. This is not loaded ammunition and the buyer is responsible for final inspection, safe reloading practice and use.